Saturday, February 28, 2009

I won!

Okay, I guess that is something of a dubious honor since I WAS the only one racing, but today's solo "race" was a victory indeed.

This week my lingering congestion transformed into a full-blown head cold by Thursday. Not fun. Considering that, and the fact that I had an early morning hearing an hour away on Friday, I decided to skip my Friday run. It was only supposed to be 4 miles and I figured I could use the rest.

I planned all week to "race" my 10K today. However, the weather turned south again and I couldn't find any takers to participate with me (in person). So last night when the neighbors suggested Chinese food and cards, I decided, "why not?" I knew with the weather, my head cold, and lack of competition, my "race" was unlikely to be all too stellar. So too much sweet and sour chicken and a few too many glasses of red later . . . I decided I wouldn't race.

However, when I woke up this morning (with a nice little headache), I decided I better at least try. So I'd probably have a crappy time thanks to my cold and hangover, but I couldn't wimp out. So I hit the COLD (it was 19 with some CHILLY winds) for a 4 mile warmup. My HR was pretty high (155 for 9:00 pace), but my HR is always ridiculous before races. I came home, swigged a little gatorade and hit the streets.


Mile 1: 7:10 / 178
Mile 2: 7:07 / 187
Mile 3: 7:08 / 189 5K split: 22:08
Mile 4: 7:11 / 186
Mile 5: 7:09 / 187
Mile 6: 7:08 / 188
Finish: 5:30 pace :)

10K Finish Time: 44:13

Yay! This is only 3 seconds off my PR! My course was a typical route I run with several inclines and declines with 3 or 4 hills. Imagine if I did not have a cold, did not drink last night and had 10 more degrees.... This is good news.

Time to sign up for a real race - I just may have a PR in reach this season.


Greg said...

Just think if you'd paced it more evenly :-)

I can't believe how you can push yourself to those heart rates by yourself. Count me as impressed.

Kel said...

Perhaps you have found a new pre-race ritual!

A win is a win ;)

Nice job!

Quinto Sol said...

Nice... I ran a 43:35 on a MUCH, MUCH flatter course... I almost quit at the 3 mile mark, but kept thinking of you and how you gutted it out.

Mindi said...

You rock, QS! That is what kept me motivated too. 43:35 during a 20 is very, very nice. Congrats. And thanks!!

Quinto Sol said...

Ah, you see... I was so beat up, I was only able to complete 15 :-(

Mindi said...

Ooops - I hope my little 10K didn't botch your run!

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Congrats!! ;-)