My Marathons

A am an avid marathoner.  It is true that I run many other distances and types of races, but my heart is in 26.2.  So it seems appropriate to give a recap of my marathon experience.  
  1. Green Bay Marathon. 05.21.2006. 3:53:39. My goal was to finish. Well, okay, that was my outspoken goal. My super secret goal was to finish sub-4. Best advice I received: Treat the first 20 as the first half; then step it up if you feel good. I trained using the Hal Higdon beginner's marathon program (maxing out at 40 mpw). I went to Green Bay with family and had trained with a good friend. I ran a strong race and picked it up at mile 20, where I quickly got a side stitch (I think I picked it up too much). I finished strong, with a negative split, and very, very happy. I was scheduling marathon #2 and dreaming of Boston before I even finished. :)

  2. Des Moines Marathon. 10.15.2006. 3:37.18. BQ BABY! Goal was to qualify for Boston (sub-3:40:59). I trained using a modified Pfitz 18 week/up to 55 mpw program. It was modified b/c the program was a bit too aggressive for what my body would handle (so adjusted down some). I actually had also trained for the Whistlestop Marathon in northern Wisconsin on 10.16.2006. But they had a HUGE snowstorm up there in the days before and the race was primarily on a rails to trail trail. So we switched it up and headed to Des Moines. I had a great race and another negative split.

  3. Boston Marathon. 04.16.2007. 3.43.36. Goal was 3:25. I trained using the Pfitz 18/55 schedule and was able to follow it to a tee. My training went great and I was ready to GO! BUT, mother nature decided to throw a wrench into things. A big Nor'Easter hit and they race organizers almost cancelled the race for the first time in history. It was a hard race (the entire race was pretty much into a huge headwind), and I went for it rather than adjusting for the weather. It was a very tough race and I was bummed with my time.

  4. Twin Cities Marathon. 10.07.2007. 3.53.27Goal was 3:25. This time I kicked things up a notch and ran Pfitz's 18/70 program. My training kicked butt and I was hitting PRs left, right and sideways. I was also SO ready for redemption after bad weather in Boston. But alas, mother nature again decided not to cooperate. It was in the 70s and high humidity at the start; 80s finish. Again, I went for it, but ended up falling apart. I did have fun, but I was so disappointed I was so strong and did not have the opportunity to go get it. Race Report Here.

  5. Grand Rapids Marathon. 10.28.2007. 3:26:29. Goal = redemption. I worked hard and was incredibly strong. I wanted to make something happen. I was a bit scared going into this race as it was only 3 weeks after Twin Cities. But I knew I was strong and my friend rootsrunner helped guide me through the training. I also modified Pfitz's multiple marathoning 4 week schedule. I went out conservatively (3:30 pace) and progressively got stronger as the race continued. By far, this was my strongest marathon. Race Report Here.

  6. Madison Marathon. 05.25.2008. 3:46:07. Goal = prove I can still run marathons while working full time as a private practice lawyer. Okay, so for my first 5 marathons, I was a stay at home mom. It is a demanding job, but I got more sleep, was WAY more active during the day, and once my kids were both in school for a little while (last year), I had a sweet time for training. BUT, I love being a lawyer and as my kids got older, I was getting bored OUT.OF.MY.MIND. So, shortly after GRM, I started job hunting. [Thank God I did THEN as the economy tanked shortly after that.] I found an awesome, challenging job. And at first, running completely went by the side. On Mother's Day 2008, I gifted myself with a random 20 miler. And I knew my friend rootsrunner was coming to Madison to pace the 3:50 group. So I jumped in! I ran a solid race. I was tired, under trained, and a few lbs up, but I ran a nice negative split and finished very happy that I could balance this whole spouse/mom/work/marathoner thing. RACE REPORT HERE.

  7. Columbus Marathon. 10.19.2008. 3:34.20. Goal = keep on keepin' on. I was still trying to prove I could balance all things that are Mindi. I trained using a modified Pfitz 18/55 schedule. It got quite tough a few times (especially as soccer games started conflicting with training/races), but it worked. Goal pace = listen to bod and just go. I had a great race and I loved this course. Another negative split and another feather in my cap. I was very happy. RACE REPORT HERE. 

  8. Illinois Marathon. 04.11.2009. 3:27:39. Goal = let's take this thing up a notch: 3:25! I had this working thing under control, as well as spouse, kiddos and training. BRING IT! I opted for this race because it is earlier in the season and spring WI marathons tend to be WARM. Training: modified (up) Pfitz 18/55. I added a 5 mile day and was, on average, 5 miles ahead, so up to 60. I loved this race as well. It was very cold and windy, but a good race overall. RACE REPORT HERE.

  9. Chicago Marathon. 10.11.2009. 3:26:12. Goal = 3:25 (or PR). I trained using a modified Pfitz 18/70 program. I started off slow b/c I had hamstring issues and sub-par Capital Mile training (which I do every June/July). But after a crappy mile race, I kicked things into overdrive. I had perfect (read: cold) weather on race day and I was able to nail it. Very happy. RACE REPORT HERE.

  10. Boston Marathon. 04.19.2010. 3:50:29. Loose goal = 3:25. I changed things up and hired a coach. It was a modified Daniels-type program with up to 60 mpw. The original idea was more quality on lower mileage, but I didn't quite hit that. In translation, it ended up being a pretty crappy season because I was busy with work and couldn't nail my training. I don't know why. The whole season was just "off." I got to Boston and was excited, but not optimistic. The race reasonably started well (great weather), but I was dizzy and just not in race mode. I finished with the primary goal of ensuring I did not finish slower than my first marathon. I was a bit dejected, but it was not a surprise. And at least I got to hang out with family in Beantown! RACE REPORT HERE.

    *** TIME FOR AN ASTERISK. I signed up for Chicago 10.10.10. But my training sucked. I bagged it and took the season off.

  11. Eugene Marathon. 05.01.2011. 3:39:00. Goal = 3:25. I followed a Pfitz program, but it was highly modified to fit in trial prep, etc. Hit 70-75 miles once or twice, had a few good tune-up races and was very confident! Felt strong through 17, but then couldn't hold the pace. Weather was perfect, so I blame it on travel, being up a few pounds, and not consistent enough of training. Moving on. But had a blast there.RACE REPORT HERE. Oh, and as an aside, I realized I did not run over the timing mats at the start (they did not stretch all the way across and I was to the LEFT. If you run this course (which I highly recommend), make sure you hit the timing mats if you want an official time. :)

  12. Chicago/GRM. 10.09.11 and 10.16.11. 3:43:32. Goal: 3:25. Again, I followed a modified Pfitz program. Had a big trial this summer which resulted in almost zero mileage, crazy little sleep and lots of stress. I hit training during the summer and did Tough Mudder, which was awesome, but definitely sidelined me some. In fact, it was the first year in 6 years I did not race the Capital Mile. :( But I hit training HARD after that, watched my diet closely and dropped down to race weight. I was ready to go. I towed the line for Chicago, but it was hot. I decided to drop after the half and try for an all-out effort at GRM since I was planning to be there anyway. I continued on and traveled to GRM with the entire fam. It was an awesome meet-up, but I was sick (dammit) and frankly the wheels fell off before I even had a rhythm. I gutted it out. RACE REPORT HERE.

  13. Wisconsin Marathon. 05.05.2012.  3:27:09.  Goal: 3:25.  This time I had a new coach, Joe Marks.  Training was lower mileage, but faster.  I ran 3 quality workouts a week and sped up my easy training pace.  Race weather was perfect, but a little windy.  It was a great race for me.  RACE REPORT HERE.
  14. Chicago Marathon. 10.07.12.  3:23:39.  Goal: sub-3:25.  WOOT WOOT!  I nailed it!  Coach Joe helped me take things up a notch this season.  I sped up all of my workouts, added more intervals, and maxed out at 70 mpw.  By far this was my best training cycle.  Add in a flat and fast course and perfect weather and you are looking at a 2 minute, 33 second PR.  Awesome.  RACE REPORT HERE.
  15. Wisconsin Marathon. 5.5.2014.  3:44:57.  Goal: get back into marathon mode; BQ.  This was one of my lightest training schedules ever and I had a rough day on race day.  I did finish strong and clink my BQ by 3 seconds though! RACE REPORT HERE.

NEXT UP:  Chicago. 10.12.14.  Goal: 3:20.  Stay tuned.

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