Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yup, 3:39. A fair bit off from my goal. But, another BQ, which I know is a bit of a golden ticket. As much as I hate the Boston Marathon (so far), I have qualified from 2007 through 2012 and I am proud of that.

I loved Eugene. Duck and family were SO awesome.

But I couldn't execute. And I don't know why.

Which p!sses me off. There was no big blow up. No wall. I simply couldn't hold my pace. Even though I felt so GREAT for the first 15 or so.

After returning from Eugene, I initially thought I might rebound and do something in 3-4 weeks given how strong my training season was. But now I know I need to let it go. I am still sore 6 days out and know I need to recover and start over.

Dammit. I am admittedly a little depressed. I had a good training season and all indications pointed to a great race.

But I'll reset and figure it out. For now, I am about to get so swamped with work it doesn't matter what my running goals are.

But it still really sucks I was so off target.... :(


mainers said...

great job Mindi, another BQ is not to be sniffed at!

Mindi said...

Thanks mainers! I am trying to find big upsides. I know you see the agony in my defeat as well. Next time....

The Salty One said...

Aw, Mindi! I know that feeling all too well. The hard truth about marathoning is that there are so many variables on race day and too many of them need to line up to have a good race. It's not all in your control. Some days it'll all be there and many it will not. All we ever can do is race our best with what we have to work with on any given day and roll with the result. The good news is that this race might demonstrate your fitness, but another one down the line will. Plus, putting together a great winter and spring of training in the midwest is a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself!

Anyway, I am proud of your (what is it now, millionth?!) BQ! You will always rock in my book!!!

Jen Jones said...

I 100% understand, Mindi. I'm right there with you this spring. I'm STILL disappointed about what when down with me getting hurt right before Boston. Marathoning can be really, really frustrating.

And, like you stated, you just can't go out there and find one the next weekend like a 1/2 or shorter race. (heck, I'm not even running yet).

On to fall!!!! Enjoy the down time and rest up for your next cycle.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Sorry it was disappointing for you Mindi (especially with not being able to point to one thing as the cause). I loved seeing your pictures on FB and KR - it looks like as a family trip Eugene was a complete success. I LOVE that your whole family loves running and supporting you in your running so much.

Recover well.

Maria said...

I agree w/what the others have already said, unfortunately there are things that you may never know were at play that day... maybe it was the travel? Whatever the factor(s), you persevered and kept going - that is very admirable! Great job and happy recovering!

Greg said...

I'll chime in a week late.

You didn't get your goal and you're not happy about it and that's OK. It's motivation for the future.

Could have just been an off day. I once went from 40mpw to pushing 60 for over 6 months and only dropped from 4:00 to 3:56. I was pissed.

The weather wasn't bad. The course wasn't impossible. I didn't train poorly. I didn't choke (as someone on coolrunning suggested!). I just had a bad day. (I ran a revenge marathon four weeks later in 3:43 although I don't recommend that.)

Bad days just happens sometimes and what sucks about the marathon is you gotta wait another 6 months to take another crack. That also makes those 6 BQs that much more impressive.