Friday, October 12, 2012


So the official results are up for Chicago and I am feeling pretty darn stoked (do people say that anymore?!).

Why, you ask?  Thanks for asking.  Here are my placement stats:

Field Placement:3013 / 37455 (8%)
Age group:35 – 39
Group Placement:68 / 2752 (2.5%)
Gender Placement:398 / 16761 (2.4%)

How awesome is that?!  

BTW, the winner of my age group was Maria Konovalova - 2:25:38.  Amazing.


Theia said...

Woo hoo! So happy that you had the race you wanted!

Kinley said...

Congrats on your awesome finish in Chicago!! I just found your blog today while looking for input on the Madison Mini Marathon and am excited to follow along on your next race!

Mindi said...

Thanks ladies!