Sunday, April 22, 2012

7 Miles

This morning I reminded James that he had a 5 miler on tap today. This would be his longest run before CrazyLegs 8K next weekend. He hemmed and hawed about getting out the door. Frankly, at one point I was pretty sure he was going to bag it altogether.

But, we did get out there. About 2 miles in, he said he wanted to run my entire run with me. I was planning on 7. And guess what? He did it. Unbelievable that he could go from not wanting to go at all to pushing to 7 miles. He was so proud of himself too.

With that, I finished week one of my taper. Here is is by the numbers:

M: rest

T: 8.4 miles with 2 x 3 miles @ 7:35 pace / lifting

W: 7 easy (8:44)

R: 7 easy (8:48) / lifting

F: off

Sa: 15.6 with half marathon at goal race pace (7:40)

Su: 7 miles easy with James (9:20)

Total: 45 miles

Less than 2 weeks until the Wisconsin Marathon!

Jakey finishing his 5K

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