Friday, May 22, 2009

Grove Games

Today is one of those days I wish I was still a stay at home mom - or at least had more time off. It is Grove Games (in school sports and game competitions) and both my boys are so excited! Unfortunately I cannot go as work calls. James has been talking about his "race" for over a week. Apparently last week they practiced and he won in his class, so he is smelling the sweet seduction of victory. Too cute!

I ran an easy 7 this morning. It was humid, but 60 degrees. It started gently sprinkling during the last mile. Man, I LOVE running. No, I didn't start banging out the training right after Illinois as planned, but I can tell I did take exactly the recovery I needed. I feel renewed and am really enjoying running.

I am number 5107 for the Madison half. I am very excited to race! I am hoping for around 1:40. Then next weekend is Race for the Cure. I may not hit any PRs any time soon, but I fully plan to take advantage of a full race schedule! I miss it and am not going to let the entire season slip me by like I did last year....

The boys are running the kids run on Sunday and are also doing the one mile for RFTC. Then the following Tuesday, we start our track workouts with Fleet Feet to prepare for the Capitol Mile. I am thrilled that they have a kid's workout program too so we can all train together. I schlepped them to the track the last couple of years, but they had to just hang out and wait for me. This time they get to participate in their own group training! How fun!! And they are excited about it. They are getting to such a fun age - it is so cool to do these things together.

Happy running!

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